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A Mortgage Broker's Role

Robin Verhelst - Mortgage Broker Regina
Robin Verhelst - Regina Saskatchewan
Mortgage Broker

Anyone who has been involved in the purchase of a property, or the obtaining of a mortgage, has probably heard the term mortgage broker, but what exactly does a mortgage broker do?

Mortgage brokers have vast knowledge and experience in working through the mortgage process. They are trained to find the best mortgage for each individual client, at the best rate available. It is important to remember that mortgage brokers work for you. They are not affiliated or tied to any one lender. They have access to a network of lenders, including most major financial institutions in Canada, and will pick from these the best product for you.

Every year the number of Canadians who choose to employ mortgage broker services to attain their mortgage increases. Canadians are seeing that mortgage brokers can attain better rates and terms than their banks, and are recommending these services to their friends and family.

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker will work for you, at no cost to you, to find the best mortgage financing that suits your individual needs. Having access to numerous lenders means that lenders will need to compete for your business. You do not have to settle for what your bank has to offer. Employ a professional Canadian mortgage broker by applying online today.

Mortgage Calculator
How does an adjustment in the size of your down payment change how much you'll end up paying for your new home? The difference can be staggering. Use our mortgage calculator and see how a simple change can save you tens of thousands of dollars.
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Brokers
Using a mortgage broker will save you money — money you could be using on more important things like your children's education, saving for an early retirement, paying your bills or buying that awesome motorcycle your wife says is way too expensive.
Mortgage Brokers Save You Money
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