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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Full Life Insurance Coverage

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Home, security and family are important to you. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance exists to keep these aspects of your life protected in the event of your passing. No matter your current health condition, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance will supply you with full life coverage. Policies are available to applicants age 18 to 69, and terminate at age 70.

Portable Coverage

Even if you should transfer your mortgage to another mortgage provider, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance will continue to protect you. The insurance premiums, as indicated in your application, will continue to be deducted and additional coverage can be purchased congruent with your current age and new amount borrowed. When this additional coverage is attained and approved, a second insurance certificate will be administered and take effect.

Coverage Exclusions

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance will not pay benefits if the death of the insured person occurred as a result of:

  • War
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury
  • Ingestion of alcohol, poison, narcotics or other intoxicant
  • A criminal offense
  • A flight on a non-scheduled aircraft
  • A pre-existing condition, including any illness, disease or physical condition diagnosed, or not, where symptoms were apparent, where treatment was recommended or sought, or where prescription drugs were administered or prescribed, within 12 months preceding the effective date of the policy as indicated on the policy application

CanEquity's Insurance specialists can answer all of your questions regarding Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, and help you decide if this is the coverage you need to best protect your family and home.

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