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Current City Standing within Alberta

RankLocation Contribution
78:MILLET, AB 0.025%
79:CARSTAIRS, AB 0.023%
80:BLAIRMORE, AB 0.023%
81:WEMBLEY, AB 0.023%
82:ELK POINT, AB 0.023%
83:BOWDEN, AB 0.023%
85:COALDALE, AB 0.021%
87:JASPER, AB 0.021%

Age Demographics for Elk Point Mortgage Applicants

Average age: 43
Oldest age: 68
Youngest age: 25

Incomes for Elk Point Mortgage Applicants

The amounts shown below represent the average income of people living in Elk Point who have submitted a mortgage inquiry using the online application located at the CanEquity web site.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in Elk Point: $80,318.36
applicants within all of Canada: $60,593.10
Difference: $19,725.26
mortgage co-applicants in Elk Point: $38,750.00
co-applicants within all of Canada: $43,761.59
Difference: ($5,011.59)

Note: Commercial Mortgages were not included for this survey, only residential mortgage loans were used.

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Mortgage Rates
Below is a listing of our most popular mortgage product inquiries made using our online mortgage application for clients in Wetaskiwin.

Mortgage Product Type Inquiries
Refinance/Consolidate Debt27.78%
No Money Down discontinued18.52%
Mortgage Pre-approval16.67%
Mortgage Renewal11.11%
First-time Home Buyer11.11%
New Purchase9.26%